Episode 3

While confusion reigned, our erstwhile heroes departed the scene, following the Tiffin River upstream until closer to the heart of the city, and then slipping through alleys back toward Lodivico’s house. Halig Rind was waiting for them, though they did not see him before he coughed politely. Yazzi immediately recognized him as being a powerful shaman. He was carrying a familiar black book under his arm. He said, “There were better ways to alert us of your father’s shrine.” He also chastised Lodivico for not destroying the book.
Lodivico took exception, and demanded to know why he should give information to the Inquisition, when the Inquisition was not giving information to him.
Halig Rind said that he had come to provide warning, but had now changed his mind.
After a rather reluctant apology was tendered, Halig Rind warned Lodivico that his uncle Archaelos was quite upset with him (something about having several of his properties go up in flames very recently). It is unlikely that Halig Rind’s original intent was to offer such a mundane warning, nevertheless, it was all he offered before taking his leave.
So our brave protagonists went to Tomas’ house instead. There, they rested. Tomas was healed, and Yazzi too the opportunity to cleanse himself of any lingering taint. Tomas was sent out for food, and to get Lodivico some clothing. While he was away, Archaelos and a couple of assistants came calling. Lodivico and Yazzi snuck out the back door. Tomas returned, and was spotted. Archelos told him that there would be a reward for bringing in his wayward nephew.
Yazzi tried to catch rats for the better part of an hour, then gave up and turned to pigeons. He was very successful with his bird-calling, and the local pigeon community has named him an honorary statue. A pigeon was killed and dressed. Yazzi and Lodivico pestered people with the corpse until someone gave them a pittance to go away.
Tomas went to the Green Dragon to wait. He was greeted warmly, and played. Eventually, Yazzi and Lodivico showed up. Lodivico was still smelling of raw sewage and wearing only a loincloth. He haughtily demanded food, drink, and a bath. Matilda Fitzbob wanted to see the color of his coin before letting him stink up the joint. He reacted poorly and made some statements that would have gotten him slapped, even had they been true (which they weren’t). Matilda attempted to slap him, but he successfully dodged out of the way. Robert Fitzbob grabbed a cudgel and came out from behind the bar to investigate the commotion. Lodivico further embellished his claims of carnal knowledge in front of the girl’s armed father. Then he got clubbed like a baby seal. Yazzi removed Lodivico from the tavern. Tomas tried to smooth things over, but it was a bit late for that.
Tomas caught up with the other two, and encouraged Lodivico to go see his uncle. Lodivico agreed. It was a tense meeting, with Arachaelos watching with steely eyes while Lodivico talked. And talked. And talked some more. Convinced that the damage was due to stupidity, not direct hostility, Archaelos told him that there would be an accounting, and then told Lodivico to “Get out.” Lodivico was reluctant to go, and had to be told to remove himself two more times. As he left, he could hear Archaelos muttering very uncomplementary things about humans (in gnomish, of course). Tomas was paid 20 silver pennies for bringing him in.
Convinced that nobody was going to try to kill him, Lodivico went home, took a bath, and actually put some clothes on. Yazzi stayed with him. Tomas went to the Stag and Crown to play, and was welcomed.
After a while, Lodivico and Yazzi wandered over to the Stag and Crown. Their reception was much colder. The glares clearly indicated that orcs were not welcome in such refined company. Stanton Edwards gave voice to the complaint. Lodivico tried to pass Yazzi off as his servant and bodyguard, but he didn’t have to appropriate savoir faire. He came across as a poser, or even worse, nouveau riche. Stanton told Yazzi to remove himself and his pet from the premises. Lodivico reacted poorly to this slight, and told Stanton to do something anatomically impossible. Chairs were pushed back, and swords were drawn. Due to an unexplained period of flux, the normally null magic zone of the grand market allowed Lodivico to use his magic.
Lodivico and Yazzi faced off with Stanton Edwards, Floyd Fink, and Gene Hasselblad. Stanton attacked Lodivico. Due to defensive magic, he did only minor damage. Lodivico hit Stanton with an ice dagger, which stunned him. Yazzi and Floyd sparred with each other. Gene moved around the table. Stanton shook off his stun. Gene charged recklessly into the fray, and was cut down by Yazzi. Floyd and Stanton ran away. Lodivico hit the fleeing Stanton with a flame jet, and Stanton fell unconscious. Lodivico cast a healing spell on Gene. Then the magic died again.
At this point, they decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and chose to leave. Unfortunately for them, they had raised an uproar in one of the most heavily-guarded spots in the world. After 6 seconds of running, Lodivico bowed to the inevitable, and surrendered. Although heavily outnumbered, Yazzi fought on for the better part of a minute, shrugging off grapples, recovering from being knocked prone, and receiving any number of vicious blows before finally falling unconscious from his accumulated wounds. It is safe to say that witnesses now have a much greater respect for the Marcher nobles who have to deal with orcs on a regular basis.
Tomas provided a soundtrack for the hostilities, but really didn’t see any pressing need to get beaten up or arrested.
The sun sets on the day with Lodivico and Yazzi being drug off to the hospitality of the dungeon, while Tomas spins yarns about the daring heroes who are pushing the barbarians back from our borders. The smoke of burnt buildings (or is that bridges?) catches the departing sunlight, and briefly turns everything red, before it fades to black.



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