The adventure began in a slightly seedy tavern named ”The Green Dragon”. It was the day of King Connor I’s coronation, and all were enjoying the holiday. At the bar sat three seekers of fortune. The mage Lodivico, the orc savage Yazzi, and a mysterious bard who claims his name to be Tomas.
Banter ensued. Yazzi caused the narrator to become incapacitated with laughter on several occasions. A barmaid named Maud was less than impressed with the advances of Tomas. Lodivico spent freely and became Razzi’s best friend.
Lodivico attempts to convince the others to partake in an opportunity of dubious morality, and is met with agreement. He leaves to set up a meeting.
Alas, this plan was not to be. At least, not for the moment. For as he was walking, he heard a blood-curdling scream, and bravely went to investigate. In a blind alley, he found a corpse rent apart, with the eyes, tongue and internal organs all missing. Nothing had been observed to leave the alley. The bloodsplattered walls held graffitti, which was partially visible through the gore. The words “where flap the tatters of the king” was written in the ancient language of the gnomes. What the rest of the message might have been, or its significance is unknown at this time. A trail of blood indicated that the missing remains of the deceased were dragged into a storm sewer, the opening of which was roughly 12”x 4”.
At this point, a passing woman saw him standing over the corpse, and began to scream for the guards. Lodivico used his magical arts to become invisible, and fly from the scene. He returned to ask the guard what had happened. He was stopped by a member of the Inquisition, and told to mind his own business. As Lodivico prepared to leave, the Grand Inquisitor recognized him as the son of Sira, and demanded to know what his involvement was. Lodovico pled ignorance, and the Grand Inquisitor warned him that if he was following in his father’s footsteps, the Inquisition would see him dead.
Lodivico returned to the tavern, and began to share his tale. He stopped when Tomas warned him that others were eavesdropping on the conversation. They left to find Lodovico’s “uncle” a gnome named Archaelos, who was a mighty wizard.
The lights were out, and nobody answered the door. An early-game attack of common sense convinced our intrepid heroes that kicking down the door to the house would be a bad idea. And so they went to the house of Lodivico (which had been in his family for some time).
At the house, the bard Tomas noticed that a stone above the fireplace mantel glowed with the same magical aura as a bracelet Lodivico wore. The stone concealed a hiding place, in which were found a black book written in the ancient language of the gnomes, a small scrap of parchment on which was written an unknown language, and a black velvet bag containing 5 large and corroded coins of an unknown metal. The coins depicted mythical creatures, and no one was able to identify their origin or significance.
There was a knocking on the door. It was Archaelos. He came in, and warned Lodivico to forget what he had seen that night. He stated that it was Sira’s obsession with “the beast” which had led him into darkness. Lodivico asked him about the mysterious parchment, and was told to burn it. Archaelos left. Razzi stoked the fire to burn the book and parchment, but Lodivico stopped him.
Lodivico has expressed an interest in studying the book, and seeking knowledge of the parchment. Thomas has asked Yazzi to teach him archery. All returned to their own places to contemplate the events of the night, and try to get some sleep.



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