The game is going to be in GURPS 3rd edition, revised—with one notable modification. The prices of attributes will be changed to a flat rate of 10pts per level of HT and ST, and 20pts per level of DX or IQ. These costs will not double after character creation ends as per GURPS 4th edition. Mundane advantages (and only mundane advantages) from GURPS 4th are open for discussion if desired. Characters will be 150 pts, +40pts of disads (or one disad for any amount), +5pts of quirks.

The system’s ruleset for overland travel is famously broken. We’ll be using a more realistic, but ad hoc approach.

The game will be largely inspired by medieval Europe. (Tech Level 3, just for future reference.) The political structure is feudalism giving way to monarchy.

I run a pretty open game. That doesn’t mean I’ll allow you to use a cyberpunk advantage or an oriental weapon, but I’ll listen to your argument, and if it’s an interesting concept I might just let it fly (charging an “unusual background” advantage, of course). The only things squarely under the banhammer are the “jinx” disad (because it interferes with the other players having fun) and the optional Chambara combat system (because it’s ridiculously overpowered, and really doesn’t have a place outside of simulating chop-socky flicks). The extra attacks for high skill opetional rules will also not be used, as these are more for swashbuckling genres. I will be placing an arbitrary limitation on the “weirdness magnet” disad. GURPS for Dummies claims it’s free points. It isn’t. It’s actually one of the more expensive disads when it comes to game effect for the points. (IMO, it is one of the more fun ones, though.) But if more than one character possesses it, it tends to derail the campaign. So a strict limit of one-per-party will be enforced. If more than one person wants it (which I doubt will occur) I’ll mediate. A word to the wise about disads that offer more than 40 pts: They’re never worth it.

Swords are a sign of status; commoners may own them, but had best not carry them except in service to their king or lord. If you want to carry one openly and legally, plan on being at least Status 2.

Using Character Points to influence success: In the case of a life-or-death roll, a player may spend one character point per die he wishes to re-roll. The player may attempt this only once per life-threatening instance, and the result of the re-roll stands, even if it was significantly worse than the initial roll.

Using Character Points to influence the world: If a player wishes, he may spend three (3) Character Points to add a reasonable element to the world. The GM is sole arbiter of what is “reasonable”. The points are spent, reguardless of whether or not he rules in favor of your addition. The element existing does not give you ownership of it, nor does it insulate you from the consequences of your actions.
You’re in the guard’s barracks when a monster bashes down the door. For three points, you could announce “I grab a sword from the weapons rack”. It is reasonable that the guards would have a rack to hold their weapons in their barracks, and reasonable that you would not be terribly distant from said rack. You probably won’t get to keep the sword, but you’ll have it when it matters.
You’re on a busy street in Aglaeca when you see your mortal enemy approaching, accompanied by many guardsmen. For three points, there can be a horse nearby for you to steal. This will, of course, make you a horsethief.


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