Recent History

All stories have multiple sides. It’s hard for me to tell you “what you know” without knowing the viewpoint you’re seeing the history from.

But I can block out some fairly uncontroversial points.

37 years ago, the gnomish King, Rufus Higgenbotham converted to a foreign religion.

A bloody civil war followed, in which the King was slain by his former bodyguard. With the blessing of the priests of the old religion, the slayer was ordained as King Bran I, and founded the human Rougesward dynasty. He began the Inquisition, and blood flowed thick as heretics were slain, and gnomish nobles were dispossessed.

Bran I was assassinated by Harold Moore, an unrepentant heretic after three year’s reign. Harold died scant seconds after this, was quartered, and sent to the four corners of the kingdom to serve as warning. His head still sits upon a spike at the royal residence’s entryway.

The son and heir of Bran I was coronated as King, becoming Finian I. He continued the persecution of heretics, but sought rapprochement with the dispossessed gnomish nobles. He did not give them back their titles or lands, but granted them priviledges allowing them the unrestricted use of magic (so long as it was not hostile to the faith) and relief from taxation. He ruled for 34 years, and recently died. The circumstances of his death are the subject of many rumors.

He is succeeded by his eldest son and heir, Connor. Soon to become Connor I.

Recent History

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