Episode 6

The characters skirted the valley and approached Moelwyn Mawr. They discussed various plans for their future. They spied a dragon sitting on its snow-capped peak. After watching it for most of the afternoon’s walk they noted that it had not moved at all. As they passed around the base of the mountain, Lodivicopulled Tomas aside to conspire. Yazzi and Garvin took this opportunity to start climbing the mountain. Yazzi cut a rowan wand to count coup on the dragon. Lodivico used his magic to fly, so he and Tomas arrived at the top of the mountain just as Yazzi and Garvin were finishing their climb. Yazzi attempted to count coup on the dragon, only to find that the dragon was an illusion. Since the illusion was dispelled at the touch of the rowan wand, Yazzi has formed some interesting delusions about his coup stick. There was a whizzing sound, Lodivico felt a pain in his side, and became drunk. Confusion reined for a few moments. Then they heard a whizzing sound, and Garvin’s left arm became paralyzed. Like Sir Robin, they boldly turned their heads and fled. They soon realized that two of their party had been elfshot, and that lifting the curses were beyond their abilities. They worked their way around the mountain (keeping a respectful distance), and found themselves on the wrong side of the Spofford River. Which was already fully-formed when it flowed out of a dark and ominous cave at the base of Moelwyn Mawr. It looked like there was a small path beside the river leading into the cave, but the PCs chose not to investigate. They managed to transport themselves across the river with the help of Lodivico’s magic.

Around mid-morning on the 17th of Tinianmonth the PCs found their way to Strathingham on Waterford, a major village (having a church, a tavern, and a blacksmith!) Garvin had grown up in the area. His family’s manor was not far distant, and he was known on sight. In the village square stood a post where official announcements. Among marriage bans, Garvin found a poster announcing him as a wanted criminal for the murder of Ayleth Terrowin and attempted murder of Sadon Terrowin. A crowd was beginning to gather, and a few villagers were seen running off. Garvin and Yazzi quickly removed themselves off into the woods West of the village, while Lodivico and Tomas went into the church to seek help with their curses. Tomas was distracted by a priestess of Jivin, and Lodivico was pulled aside by a priest of Vogel. Both were encouraged to turn Garvin in for a share of the reward. There was the sound of hooves in the square, and both decided to depart in haste. (Over the objections of the priests.) With the help of a flight spell from Lodivco, Tomas went East. Lodivico, floating more slowly, went West, with seven armed horsemen following at a walk.

In the meantime, Garvin and Yazzi had found the shack of Old Man Mcgillicutty, who was able to remove the curse from Garvin. Yazzi got a jug of a fairly noxious, but very potent, alcoholic brew (with minor hallucinogenic properties). They began to walk back towards the village. Before long, they came across a troop of horsemen who were looking at something up in the air. The troop was led by James Agee a knight who had long been a rival of Garvin’s own family. Garvin and Yazzi attempted to hide, but weren’t very successful. The chase was on, and Lodivico was relieved that he was no longer being followed. The chase was over quickly, with Garvin in a small thicket. His surrender was demanded. Yazzi counted coup on the backside of a horse, which nearly ran Garvin over in its haste to get away from the demented savage.



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