Episode 7

After a tense stand-off, Garvin surrendered. Yazzi found Lodivico and took him to get his curse removed. Sober for the first time in days, Lodivico was much relieved. They went looking to see where Garvin had been taken.

Meanwhile, Tomas returned to the village in time to see seven horsemen and a captive go up the hill to the keep just outside of town. He went into the tavern, impressed the tavernkeeper, and waited for the others.

It wasn’t terribly long before Yazzi and Lodivico found him. They started discussing plots to free their friend, but a lot of the less-industrious members of the village decided to treat the arrival of strangers (who were somehow tied in with some infamous happening) as a holiday. They were quickly the center of a good deal of attention, and subject to a great deal of curiousity.
The PCs did not take this well. Lodivico used his magic to threaten one of the more forward villagers, and was instantly accused of being a witch. Yazzi attempted to intimidate the villagers into silence, and thinks he succeeded, at least for the moment. The villagers chose to depart in haste.

The PCs at last had a chance to plot. And came up with a hare-brained scheme based around faking the existence of a dragon.
It didn’t work out so well.
Tomas spent the night entertaining the knight and his household behind the security of stone walls, and became quite popular. The others caused a fair bit of property damage (some of which Garvin was able to use his sorcery to mitigate), and (it being after dark on the 17th) were hunted by the Chosen of Kyre. With wild things abroad, the villagers were all safely indoors and did not see the show put on for their benefit.
Lodivico used his magic to get to safety, but Yazzi had to kick in a door to find shelter. The compromised door was less than ideal for keeping out the monsters, so Yazzi wound up standing in the doorway defending the villagers he’d exposed to danger. He managed to fight off the two monsters that had pursued him before he lost consciousness.



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