Episode 8

Lodivico spent the night huddled on the roof of the keep. It was cold. The roof was steep, made of slate, and quite high above the ground. He didn’t sleep very well.
At the crack of dawn, James Agee left the keep, and walked down the hill to see how his village had fared. Lodivico followed, at a distance at first, much closer by the time they’d reached the village. Immediately apparent were two decapitated and naked male corpses, bearing the gaping wounds of mighty ax blows. Two peasants were industriously repairing the door to their hut. At questioning from their lord, they hailed Yazzi as their hero, who had protected them from the ravening beasts at risk of his own life. Sir James was quite impressed, and asked for the peasants to awaken Yazzi. After a brief conversation, Sir James told Yazzi to take the religious symbols to the church and turn them over to a priest, lest the beings continue to hunt him. And to fix the barn he’d partially tore down. Yazzi asked why a lord would allow such creatures to hunt his peasants. Sir James replied that someone had tried to suppress them once, and that it hadn’t gone over well. When pressed further, he said it was before his time. He returned to the keep.

Lodivico partially healed Yazzi, and offered to take the religious icons to the church. After a bit of persuading, Yazzi gave them over and Lodivico left. Lodivico witnessed Old Man McGillicutty in the square, speaking loudly about the end of time being near, and the return of the horrible kings of old. He was silenced most painfully by a priestess of Jas, who reprimanded for breaking his oath, and drug his writhing body into the church. Lodivico left the village to loot Old Man McGillicutty’s place.

Tomas had a pleasant night, and was treated to an extra ration of bacon by the cook. He overheard talk about the omens of a fire suddenly starting, and dying of its own accord nearly as quickly. He spoke of dragons, and the nervous people appreciated the joke.

Garvin was brought down to break his fast. He ate, with a couple guards watching him. Then they tied him to the chair with a couple of cords. One went into the back, and came back with a truly ridiculous amount of rope. They proceeded to cocoon Garvin, asking Tomas to help them make the prop more impressive. Tomas was half-hearted in the attempt. A guard shoved an apple in Garvin’s mouth as a finishing touch.

Sir James returned. Soon after, the sounds of hooves in the courtyard announced the arrival of visitors. Garvin’s brother Sir Richard and stepbrother Pa Draig entered. Sir Richard refused to look at Garvin, while Pa Draig keep stealing horrified glances at him. Sir James announced that he’d had a stroke of good fortune, and he meant to profit by it. Either by Sir Richard withdrawing his challenges, or by selling his brother to “the black-hearted bastard”.
Sir Richard glared at Garvin, and said through clenched teeth that although he hated one of his own blood being turned over to Terrowin, he would “not trade my birthright for a mess of pottage”.
They stood there, glaring at each other, and in the distance was heard the sound of church bells.
More bells of closer towns joined the chorus.
The bells of this village began to chime.
And the two knights, hard men both, stared at each other with faces gone ashen.
Outside someone shouted. “The King is dead, long live the…” And silence reigned..

Sir James broke the silence by noting his luck had suddenly turned, and asking Richard if he wanted Garvin. The offer was curtly refused. Sir Richard departed to raise his levies. Sir James looked at Tomas and indicated Garvin, saying “Get him out of here. And if he ever mentions being here, take the knife I gave you, and slit his [censored] throat.” He walked off, shouting that he wanted the levies raised and prepared to march by DeathNight.
Tomas cut Garvin free, and they hurried down the hill to the village, where they saw Yazzi sitting in the shade while a couple of peasants were repairing a barn. They asked Yazzi where Lodivico was, and Yazzi told them that he’d gone to the church. They went to the church, but Lodivico was not there. They also heard a bit about how the priest of Vogel wished to have “a little discussion” with him. They decided they needed to find Lodivico, quickly.

Lodivico tossed Old Man McGillicutty’s place, finding silver, and evidence that Old Man McGillicutty had some dealings with the Fey. He found an iron cauldron, and with the help of his magic, melted down the holy symbols of Kyre. After a bit of a nap, he went back to the village where he encountered the other members of the party, and they left in haste.

They attempted to seek refuge on the lands of Sir Richard, but Pa Draig met them at the border and turned them away, saying that they did not need such a powerful enemy, especially in such an uncertain time. So they left and found a tavern.

Garvin sent Tomas to give a message to his brother about the gnomish forces gathering unseen to the North. Lodivico pawned the cursed silver off on the barkeep in exchange for some travel rations.

They headed South, to Eayrre. The trip passed mostly uneventfully. They arrived at Eayrre on the morning of the 21st of Tinianmonth. They split up. Tomas went to listen to rumors in the taverns, Garvin went to try to get access to private libraries, and Lodivico disappeared. (Yazzi is tagging along with Garvin for the moment.)

The War of Succession looms on the horizon.



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